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A Property Management Company 104 East Park Drive Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 (615) 297-2824

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A) provides Professional Property Management for Homeowners Associations and offers
full Financial and Physical Property Management Services.  For more information please click on the Resources page.

Quick Answers to quick questions:

Need a
Certificate of Insurance?
(HOA Insurance Contact Information (Certificates of Insurance) and information pertaining to our HOA Insurance Carriers, please go to the  
Resources page.)  

Need a Payment by Auto-Draft Form?
To print an Auto-Draft form, click on the AD
Click Here (See below for more information pertaining to AD Forms.)

Need a Certification Form or Condo Questionnaire Form Completed?
Typically,  prior to a closing, purchase or refinance, the lender or closing attorney will request detailed information from the Property Management Company which includes the completion and certification of forms,  Budgets,  Financial Information,  Owner/Investor Ratios,  Governing Docs,  Insurance information, and other items which may be required.  For submitting all of the aforementioned documentation and for the completion and certification of the form(s) and information,  DF&A, Inc.  charges a $75 *LENDER   fee, in advance,  for submitting all necessary documentation and for the completion and certification of the forms During this peak period, when everyone is refinancing, we typically have a five (5) business day turn-around for the $75 (normal fee) and a two (2) (business) day completion turn-around for $95 (expedited fee). DF&A,  Inc.  charges the fee to the *LENDER  , in advance.  CLICK HERE TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD .   

Please email the form to Dfloydasoc@gmail.com and include the method of payment.  If you choose to overnight the check and form, please send to:

David Floyd & Associates, Inc.
Attn: Form Completion Dept.  
104 East Park Dr, #320
Brentwood, TN  37027

How do I pay my HOA Fee?
-Online Payment:
Most of the HOA's which we manage are already set up through Smartstreet.com.  Owners may simply go online and select their HOA and enter their assigned account number and make a payment online.  Typically, the account number is the same as their unit # (for condos) or numbers taken directly from their street address (for developments).  A recurring payment feature is also available which allows owners to set up their payments to take place on a recurring basis for a one-year period.  There is no fee to make an online e-check payment. Click here to make an online payment.  Links are also available on the individual HOA's Website Pages.

-Payment by Auto-Draft (click here)
Once you've completed the form, you may email it to us or send via fax to 615-297-9340.  Please remember to attach a voided check.

-Payment by US Mail
You may also mail your HOA payment to our main office address, but keep in mind that if your payment arrives after the cut off date,  you may be charged a late fee.

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A)

To provide Personal and Professional Customer Service through Accessibility,  Accountability, and Integrity ...these characteristics are what we strive for on a daily basis!

-DF&A does NOT have a maintenance company and is NOT a contractor.  We are  NOT tied to any service providers.  We work with the HOA's  Board of Directors to obtain the best price, product, and service.  We've established professional relationships with reputable Landscape Companies, Pool Services, Electricians, Pest Control Companies, Elevator Operators, Fire Safety/Security Companies, Plumbers, Roofers, Pavers, Welders, Painters, Engineers, CPA Firms, and Local Banks which are routinely utilized on behalf of the HOAs which we manage.

-Our phones are always answered in person 24/7. 

Management Sytle:
-Our management style offers full transparency with the actual bank statements and financial statements being provided through a simple, but detailed accounting software program which we've successfully utilized for many years.   Board members are able to review the Reserve and Operating accounts and all transaction detail including deposits, actual checks, descriptions, reconciliation statements and transfers.

-Our corporation is 100% locally owned and operated. 

Working together, we strive to protect our client's (HOA's)  investments and maximize the value for every dollar that is spent by their Associations.

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David Floyd & Associates, Inc
104 East Park Dr, #320
Brentwood, Tn 37027
Office-(615) 297-2824
Fax----(615) 297-9340

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