David Floyd & Associates, Inc.
A Property Management Company
David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A) serves as the Managing Agent for many Homeowners Associations throughout the Greater Nashville Area and surrounding counties.    We  ONLY manage Homeowners Associations...we DON'T manage Apartment Communities or Rentals

Our portfolio consists of Homeowners Associations and Subdivisions which we've carefully chosen to manage for the long-term.

Our objective has nothing to do with becoming the biggest property management company in Nashville.....we just want to be the best! 

Personal and Professional Customer Service through Accessibility, Accountability, and Integrity is what we're known for and what we continue to strive for on a daily basis!

Portfolio of Properties for DF&A, Inc. & Assigned Property Managers

Abindgon Place - Danny Wendell

Beacon Hill Village - David Floyd

Bedford Commons Office Association Section I - David Floyd

Burton Hills Office Association - Leigh Ann Floyd

Bradford Hills Subdivision - Kim Raymer
Brentwood Trace Section II - David Floyd

Brentwood Pointe Section II - David Floyd 
Bridgeton Park Subdivision - David Floyd 

Brownstone Subdivision - David Floyd

Devon Close - Danny Wendell

Glen Echo Hall - Bob Bowers

Hillsboro Hall Section I - Danny Wendell
Hillsboro Hall Section II  - Danny Wendell

Highland Villa Homeowners Association - David Floyd
House Condominiums - David Floyd

Leisure Heights -Bob Bowers

Long Blvd Townhomes - Bob Bowers

Prestwick Place - Bob Bowers
River Breeze Garden Townhomes - David Floyd, Jr.

River Plantation Condominums Sections I, V, VI, IX & XI -Kim Raymer
River Plantation Condominiums Section X - Bob Bowers
River Rest Condominiums - Danny Wendell

Riverside Subdivision - Kim Raymer

Roderick Square Condominiums- Danny Wendell

The Cloister at St. Henry’s - David Floyd

The Townhomes of Fredericksburg - David Floyd

The Townhomes at the Villages of Brentwood - David Floyd

Townhomes of Woodridge at Nashboro Village - Bob Bowers
Treetops Homeowners Association - David Floyd 

West End Circle Condominiums (Artie Lee & Ruby May Buildings) - Leigh Ann Floyd

Westlawn Green Condominiums - David Floyd

Windsor Terrace Condominiums - Kim Raymer

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