David Floyd & Associates, Inc.
A Property Management Company

General Information for DF&A, Inc. and HOAs

*With the exception the HOAs listed below, the HOA's which we manage, are insured with James Rothberg & Associates.  You, and/or your Mortgage Company may obtain a Certificate of Insurance by contacting James Rothberg at 615-997-1833 or by email at jrothberg@jarinsurance.com  *HOA's Insured by other agents and contact information:

-Brentwood Pointe II: Todd Lee at 615-435-8311 (tlee@chappellsmith.com)
-River Rest Condominiums: State Farm, Tom White  615-646-9927 (twhite@farmersagent.com
- Windsor Terrace: Steve James at 615-665-3253 (sjames@robinsins.com)

Most of the HOA's which we manage, are set up to allow owners to pay their monthly fee online by going to www.smartstreet.com.  Just choose your HOA, and then enter your account number...recurring payments can also be set up as well.  You may also pay by auto-draft.  This saves owners the worry from having to remember to pay their fees, avoids late fees, and at the same time, helps with the HOA's cash flows.  There is no charge to sign up on the Payment-by-Auto-Draft program.  In most instances, the draft actually takes place between the 6th and 10th of each month.  If you change your bank account or if you sell your home, please remember to notify us in writing at least ten (10) days before the change occurs.  To print an auto-draft from, click HERE. 

Our main number (615-297-2824) is answered in person 24 hours per day. 

Most of our HOA's charge a $400 Transfer Fee which is typically paid by the buyer at the time of closing.  ($200 of this amount goes to the HOA and $200 goes to our corporation)  Providence Landing at Ellenwood Farms charges $450.

Typically, during a purchase or refinance, the lender will request detailed information from the Property Management Company which includes the completion and certification of forms, providing Budgets, Financial Information,  Reserves,  Owner/Investor Ratios, Governing Docs,  and other information which is required prior to a purchase or a re-finance.   DF&A, Inc.  charges a $75*LENDER  fee, in advance, for submitting all necessary documentation and for the completion and certification of the forms We have a five (5 business day) day turn-around for $75 (normal fee) and a two (2 business) day completion turn-around for $95 (expedited fee).  

*NOTE:   This fee is billed to the lender, not the borrower!  To submit a request, please go to the check out store and remember to email us a copy of the form at Dfloydasoc@gmail.com and place "CONDO FORM REQUEST" in the subject line.  We have a one (1) business day turn around for this service.  Credit cards are always accepted.

If you choose to overnight the check and form, please send to:

David Floyd & Associates, Inc.
Attn: Form Completion Dept.  
104 East Park Dr, #320
Brentwood, TN  37027


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